Argument Against A Paid Maternity Leave Essay

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All of the above are strong arguments for the pressing necessity of a mandated paid maternity leave. Nevertheless, the many opponents of this initiative are arguing otherwise. One argument against a paid maternity leave is based on the assumption that one of the parents should not be working in the first place. In other words, a full-time stay-at-home parent is beneficial to the development of the child and therefore a paid limited-time maternity leave is redundant and is simply a waste of resources. Suzanne Venker, a writer, insists that “According to Public Agenda, 70% of parents with children under age five believe “having a parent at home is best.” And 63% disagree that children in daycare receive "just as good" care and attention as with a stay-at-home parent. These findings are commensurate with 2014 Pew data that shows 60% of Americans say children are "better off when a parent stays home to focus on the family.”” ("Why Paid Maternity Leave Is Not the Answer.") According to these findings, Americans are unlikely to agree to encourage mothers to put their children in childcare and go back to work, let alone spend money on a paid maternity leave. Nice try, Ms. Venker, but let 's continue to read the mentioned 2014 Pew data till the end: “Stay-at-home mothers are younger, poorer and less educated than their working counterparts. For example, 34% of stay-at-home mothers are poor, compared with 12% of working mothers." ("7 Key Findings about Stay-at-home Moms.") Let 's
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