Argument Against Affirmative Action

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For company’s or college admissions looking at applicants, to show affirmative action is no longer a useful tool and only merit should be considered during the process.

Achievements and content of character should be all that is taken into account when looking at an applicant. Affirmative action was put forth in an effort to ensure that applicants were treated fairly without question of their race, or gender. Simple and fair, the effort was an excellent idea for its time, to rectify past ills that discrimination had set in motion, but for how long? We have created a world where instead of becoming thought of as 100% equal, we are still looking back and favoring individuals based on their color, creed or gender. Is that not the very definition
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America promises a pursuit of happiness based on our character and work ethic, not based on how our ancestors were once treated. When kept simple and everything isn’t about race or gender, we can focus on important virtues. Skilled professionals, more equipped and prepared, are the best choice rather than solely filling an illegal quota. Leave the race card behind and choose a qualified applicant over a balanced representation of affirmative action. Lowering productivity to caterer to an unqualified applicant is…show more content…
Lowering standards for an individual hurts their academic and professional career by moving them ahead to a level they are not yet ready for. In today’s world, affirmative action is set to hurt minorities. Giving preference to a person based on their race gives no motivation to the individual if they feel they can float by in life. The result is a mismatch effect where and applicant is not ready for their position because previous affirmative action had carried them without the proper training. Fields should not be leveled to help people, leaving them in positions they are not qualified or prepared for, resulting in an applicant feeling lost and overwhelmed from ‘mismatching’, work suffers as does their feeling of
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