Argument Against Homosexual Marriage

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Running Head: Homosexuals Marriage Homosexuals Marriage Homosexuals Marriage INTRODUCTION: In today's world, the problem of same sex marriage is increasing day by day. Although there are certain laws about the homosexuals in the western society but still many people do not see it with dignity because of their own ethical perceptions. As far as their legal marriage is concerned, it is very not a civilized action under any circumstances. Anything against natural phenomenon is hazardous physically and mentally. Giving them lawful support can be a hazard for the upcoming generations and a hindrance in conceiving babies to continue a family chain. The society and government should not allow homosexuals' marriage as it is an unnatural process and ethically unsound causing damage to the family life. MAIN BODY: Heterosexual marriage brings together a man and a woman to live with love, satisfy their needs and continue their family life by having children. Heterosexual marriages not only require emotional attraction but it also satisfy the natural needs that a person cannot get in the same sex marriage (Rimmerman & Wilcox, 2007). To be in favor of heterosexual marriage is not a medieval opinion. Heterosexual marriage is just like a key-lock relationship. A key is made for the lock, what if the key insist to remain with another key, or a lock insists to be with a lock. Similarly, homosexuals are like a key-to-key or lock to lock relationship that can give nothing but just and

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