Argument Against Leukemia

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The fight against cancer has taken a strange twist for the good. Leukemia is a cancer of the body and the surrounding tissues, which includes the lymphatic system and the bone marrow. There are many types of leukemia. Most forms are more common in children than adults. This is a devastating and cruel disease, that takes the lives of men, women and children. Thousands are diagnosed each year with this unforgiving disease.
However, there is a light over the horizon. Researcher’s at the University of Pennsylvania have found an answer to leukemia’s call for a fight. They answer this call by using harmless modified version of HIV. These researchers have modified the harmless HIV so that once it is injected to the body, it seeks out and destroys
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Be reassured, it is not the actual virus. It is modified to the point that the genes that cause the disease and which make it infectious are removed. Our own T-Cells cannot see cancer cells in our bodies. However, the modified HIV cell can seek out and destroy these nasty critters.
With the research at Penn Medicine, Only Those patients that have no other treatment plan or have any hope of recovery of any kind was accepted into the program to experiment with this new treatment. Those who were terminally ill, with no chance of survival were able to have the experimental treatment. Surprisingly, most if not all showed signs of partial or complete remission. This research trial has been tested on several children. After the HIV entered their body, they became very sick. High fever, trouble breathing, and even blood pressure issues. After several days not knowing if the patient would survive, a miracle had happened. One patient showed full remission of the leukemia. That patient is doing fine and well and living a full life.

This treatment is still in experimental stages. With no FDA approval just yet, many are hoping
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