Argument Against Limiting Screen Time For Younger Children

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eople would argue against limiting screen time for younger children. However some arguments can be made for letting children watch television when they are very young. A poor mouse lost its youth for the effects of overstimulation to be proven, and such a valiant sacrifice should not go in vain. Along with the sacrifice of the mice that served under Dr. Christakis, our future citizens are having their perceptions of reality augmented even before they go to preschool or kindergarten. Combined with the attention deficit, these preconceived notions of different places can lead a school to have some serious issues. The core issue with this is that it is very difficult to moderate a child 's viewing of the television, playing of video games, or accessing of the Internet, especially because younger people have more fluid of electronic devices. The benefits of caring for a child during its infancy, instead of sticking it in front of a screen, outweigh whatever free time would be obtained by letting the child experience over stimulation. Many of the people who deny that the media has an effect on children 's violent behavior believe that the media is just seen as the main perpetrator because many parents fear it more than other factors. The media 's ubiquitousness gives people everywhere one thing to look at and blame for the violence in their societies, because so much of what is in the media contains violence. This fear is mainly drawn out of parents lack of knowledge on how to…
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