Argument Against School Uniforms Should Not Be Banned

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Argument Against School Uniforms My disagreement against school dress code is that public schools should not make the student go to school uniforms. Students should be able to wear any appropriate clothing they want to wear. School uniforms are not the way to be unsuccessful in education. School uniforms are a waste of time to have in a public school system. Teachers should make the students go home and change into school appropriate clothes. Public schools should give students a chance on what they want to wear. Students should pick any school appropriate clothing to wear to school. Students should be wearing the right appropriate clothing to school so the student would not get in trouble. Schools should probably take a vote if school uniforms should be enforced. Like every student needs to let their voice be heard. Every student has a right to wear any type of clothing to school. School uniforms are not suitable for students and for the school system plus the student’s education. For example, if a student forgot to wear their school uniforms the teacher would have to send the student home and change into the school uniform. The teacher of the school would force the student to do it. Maybe the teacher can make the student change at the school instead of disrupting class. the school uniforms are not the right attire. That’s why students should just wear regular clothing. School uniforms are not the kind of clothing to change the school dress code to help students become

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