Argument Against Vaccination In Schools

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There is much debate on whether the government should mandate vaccination prior to enrolling children in school. The most recent discussion has arisen because of a measles outbreak across Canada in February 2015. This outbreak showed that, despite the proven safety of vaccines, measles and other common vaccine-preventable diseases are still affecting Canadians. This is in contrast to The Canadian Medical Association Journal which states, “in Ontario, the vast majority of school pupils comply with the requirement to report their immunization status to attend school in the province. In the 2009–2010 school year, 84%–92% of students aged 7 to 17 had been vaccinated” (Walkinshaw, 2015). Changes were made prior to the 2014/15 school year, that parents…show more content…
Vaccine experts and review committees, such as the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI), have to consider factors such as when making recommendations to the government for vaccination to be successful. Vaccination against common diseases (e.g. measles, mumps and rubella) are publicly funded government programs but many people still question the idea that anything should be mandatory. In Canada, only Ontario, New Brunswick and Manitoba have a law requiring children to be vaccinated before entering school. Anyone with religious, medical or ideological reasons may have an exemption. The article, “Shots in the Dark” discusses how believers in alternative medicine and worried parents should be free to make their own choices for their children. These people are questioning the safety of the vaccinations and the governments’ role in mandating that all children are required to have these vaccinations before entering school. It states that, “fueled by warnings on the Internet, thier fears are based on the rare adverse reaction that vaccines can cause... A lack of confidence in public-health policy is certainly part of the reason. But so, ironically, is the remarkable success of vaccines, which has left parents who have never seen a case of polio or measles to focus their…show more content…
My recommendations would be to provide accurate and accessible scientific data about vaccine-preventable diseases and vaccinations risks to all Canadians. Alberta has chosen to have no legislation to mandate parents to vaccinate their children prior to enrolling them in school with similar results to Ontario which does have legislation. There is agreement that children should be kept out of school to quarantine the non-vaccinated child and help reduce the chances of transmitting the infection to other children. This may be effective although often by the time children is removed from class they may have passed on the disease. Healthcare professionals and schools need to encourage immunization to reduce the transmission of disease as well educate parents that their choices may affect not only their children but other people’s
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