Argument Analysis: Online Support Groups

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Enjoyed reading your post this week. You brought up a great point about the group forums during your discussion post. According to Diaz, Griffith, Ng, Reinert, Friedmann, and Moulton (2002) support groups/ social media forums whether it's in person or online has the ability to increased access to support. In my opinion I believe that online support groups regarding medical issues can reduce the sense of isolation for the individuals who are: afraid to leave the house, or reside in undeserved areas.

Diaz, J. A., Griffith, R. A., Ng, J. J., Reinert, S. E., Friedmann, P. D., & Moulton, A. W. (2002). Patients’ Use of the Internet for Medical Information. Journal of General Internal Medicine, 17(3), 180–185.
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