Argument And Natural Order Reasons: Why Is Grammar Important?

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Is Grammar Important? Abstract Is grammar important in language acquisition? This paper will review the arguments for teaching grammar to SL learners in the ESL environment. It will highlight the benefits for and against teaching grammar leaving it open for individual facilitators/teachers to make their own conclusion to whether grammar should be taught implicit or explicitly in their classroom environment. This paper in no way takes a stance on either argument. Introduction There is no doubt that there is a need for SL learners to acquire a good control of grammar to express themselves effectively and clearly if they choose to use it for work , study,\ or academia, however, the controversy is not if grammar should be taught, but how grammar…show more content…
Advanced Organizer Argument vs Natural Order Argument Advance organizer argument states that grammar serves as a prerequisite for language acquisition as it prepares the learner to notice and thereby acquire language patterns. Grammar instruction fosters language acquisition through its delayed effect as it raises the learner’s awareness. Natural order argument states that learners are born with a Universal Grammar (Chomsky). This (innate Universal Grammar) helps to explain similarities in the developmental order of the first and the second language acquisition, which is different to the order in which grammatical items are presented in most textbooks. This argument could also be called “the obsolete approach” to teaching grammar as the order in which grammar is taught needs to be revised. The first argument emphasizes that grammar is a pre-requisite for the language acquisition of a second language , where as the other side feels that all learners both L1 and L2 learners are born with an innate universal grammar
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