Argument Essay Against Large Capacity Magazines

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English 102 MWA2 “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people,” This is typically the rhetoric that is used by gun owners, and gun associations, to distinguish the danger of the weapon from the danger of the owner. One significant factor that plays into this discussion is the ownership and use of large-capacity magazines. Those who posses these high-volume magazines now have the ability to shoot large numbers of ammunition before having to stop and reload. Not only is the ownership of large capacity magazines unjustified for our modern society, but it also allows for tragic shootings and continued street crime to be much more severe. Senator Ron Johnson, a republican from Wisconsin, made recent comments pertaining to the debate over…show more content…
Nutter explains in a recent article, that since the federal assault weapon ban expired in 2004; we have seen numerous tragedies where deranged killers murdered dozens of innocent people by having the ability to shoot many bullets without actually having to reload. He also gives several examples of shootings in which the killers all had weapons with large-capacity magazines. One example would be the shooting in Tucson Arizona, where a 9-year-old girl and federal judge were among six people killed along with 13 others injured. The gunman happened to have used a 33-round magazine (Nutter, 2011). Nutter goes on to describe how large-capacity magazines can turn guns into weapons of mass destruction. That these guns with high-volume magazines are not a hunter’s weapon, but that their sole purpose is to hurt or kill a many people as quickly as possible. Ultimately, only law enforcement and military should have access to this kind of firepower (Nutter, 2011). One gun activist, Rabbi Dovid Bendory, believes that our constitutional rights are being infringed upon when we have these large capacity magazines taken from us. Rabbi Bendory is the director of the Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, is an established individual for gun rights today. Rabbi Bendory is also a NRA Certified Firearms Instructor. In an article called “High Cap Freedom”, he gives five reasons to why you should want high capacity magazines. One being that it is our most fundamental right as
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