Argument Essay: Modern Slavery And Climate Change

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My grandmother, the President of Bitterroot Valley Recycling, has been saying that the need for the advancement of humanity and climate change issues are one for years, maybe it’s because of people like my grandmother that I’ve become interested in the Vatican Summit titled “Modern Slavery and Climate Change” and in particular Pope Francis’s words on how “Ecology is Human” (Gallagher p.1). Yes, everyone who believes in climate change issues knows that we humans are part of the problem, but it wasn’t until the July 2015 Vatican sponsored Summit that a religious leader ever took a stand on the more complex side of climate change (Gallagher p.1). Pope Francis claims that “humans are ecology” and therefore the real issues of climate change are aspects closer to home such as our dependency on technology, and how urban areas have a growing population of homeless/jobless citizens (Gallagher p.1). Pope Francis says that all of these issues are a part of climate change happening in the world today and that hopefully by joining together to face climate change, the United Nations, as well as separate countries and communities, will be able to help solve pressing issues in our world today (Gallagher p.1). After the…show more content…
I was lucky enough to get a video in this article about the scientific community’s response to the Pope’s words via an atmospheric scientist (Gallagher p.1). Not only did this add yet another perspective into this story, but more importantly, it gave a look into how the scientific community felt about a religious world leader picking up their cause. As an education major I would like to point out how not everyone retains information the same, and how CNN’s multi-media article is a bonus for not only visual learners, but also auditory learners, meaning that CNN’s article can reach a wider
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