Argument Essay: The You Tube Commercial

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The You tube video of the advertisement begins with a man in his stable preparing to load his horse into the trailer when he spots the puppy hiding in the hay. While not looking, sensing the owner is about to leave, the puppy sneaks into a horse trailer. The owner appears to look around and notice the pup is missing. Distraught, the owner is seen posting signs around town in hopes of locating him. Unaware to the owner, when he is forced to slam on his brakes, the horse trailer door opens and the pup escapes, off on a run across the countryside to take on new adventures. During these adventures, the puppy is out running after the sun goes down and is confronted by a coyote who is heard growling at the pup… flash to the stables, the owner…show more content…
In the beginning, love is shown through somber facial expressions as he is seen stapling lost dog signs around town. The love is further displayed in the stables while snuggling up next to a horse that evening and the music “I’m Gonna be” by Sleeping at Last. The lyrics “I know I'm gonna be” and “I'm gonna be the man who” are repeated throughout the song indicating the man is pushing to be the best he can be for those that he loves (Sleeping at Last). Love is further displayed at the end of the advertisement with further facial expressions, as the pup is running down the path coming home the actors face lights up and he appears to be in shock that the puppy is returning home. As the advertisement closes, the actor is sitting in the stable with the two things that are important in his life, his horses and his dog. To play on words, the advertisement closes with a #bestbuds, leading the viewer back to the brand, Budweiser, as well as the fallacy, a dog is a man’s best…show more content…
Aware that the Clydesdales are a trade mark of Anheuser-Busch/ Budweiser one could assume that the commercial is aimed at people over the legal drinking age of 21 or even those under 21 that are interested in drinking beer, trying to establish a brand preference early. A secondary perspective for this commercial is that it is aimed at men with the fact that it is televised during half time of the Super Bowl, a sport that is primarily watched by men. Additionally, the audience could be women, taken from the use of the puppy and playing on the emotional side of the commercial. Overall, the sponsor, Anheuser Busch has done an amazing job of selecting a broad market for the commercial, using multiple elements to attract as much attention to their product as can be gained from one
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