Argument For Abortion Essay

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The ultimate price that unborn babies pay for not being recognized as a citizen is being aborted. They are not granted human rights at conception, and therefore do not have the right to keep living. Just because they do not have a voice, their life is being innocently taken way too soon. In 1973, the Roe vs. Wade court case made it legal for abortions to be performed in the United States. Since then, the issue has been debated in every way: politically, religiously, scientifically, morally, and ethically. But, the fact of the matter is, a person is a person no matter how small. People of all different beliefs need to realize that a fetus is a human just like everyone else. Once everyone can realize this maybe some sort of conclusion or agreement…show more content…
This person is a citizen of the United States, and consequently is granted rights, specifically the right to life. To deprive a fetus of their right to live is to deny the world of one great human being that could positively contribute to society. First, the facts of science prove that conception creates a human being right away, then it keeps gradually developing for 9 months after. Also, lawmakers are able to use laws for illegal immigrants to allow them to make their baby a citizen of the United States even though it isn’t actually born there yet. If this is allowed to go on then who is to say that I cannot happen with babies actually conceived in the United States. The prejudice against women and African American shows that America has denied human rights to people in the past, and unborn babies are just thrown in with the trend. Hopefully this passes and people realize that unborn babies are actually humans just like the women and African Americans. Frederick Douglass would stand by the idea that unborn babies should have the right to life because he was denied the same rights when he was a slave. Continuing, the Catholic church has put up a mighty fight against pro-choice using scripture as the basis of their argument. In the end, abortion is stripping babies of their potential. It ends the life of a human being that is alive and thriving in the whom of their mother. John Locke’s
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