Argument For Capital Punishment

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This essay will be discussing whether the death penalty is wrong. I will be arguing in favor of capital punishment and will be presenting several arguments to back up my position. First, an understanding of what the death penalty is and why it is used currently needs to be established. The death penalty has been around almost as long as humans have. It is a form of punishment that is a deterrent for other criminals. Also, capital punishment is a way to prevent the criminal being put to death from committing any further crimes. In most cases, the death penalty is only used whenever a crime is so evil that the individual must be dealt with by an equally strong method. Crimes that usually have the possibility of the death penalty are various…show more content…
I believe this to be entirely false and will prove my reasoning later in this essay. Capital punishment as a deterrent can be argued that it has no effect on the amount of murders committed. This argument, however, is pointless due to the simple fact that it is not called “Capital deterrent” it is called “Capital punishment” and therefore should not simply be treated as an idle threat. The fact that it has the possible side effect of making individual think twice about committing murder is merely a bonus attribute. The death penalty was not enacted to scare people away from doing murder; it was enacted to prevent the people who have from doing more.
Take this example argument: a maniac decides to go on a killing spree and the police manage to subdue him and he is then convicted with multiple life sentences. He is still a maniac, just in prison. By putting the maniac in a prison, the system is giving him access to other individuals to harm. By doing this, it puts the other inmates in danger. If the maniac was put to death, the issue of putting the other criminals in danger is eliminated entirely and therefore is the better solution. One might argue my previous example and state that you could simply create a prison that would only contain maniacs that were equally as likely to cause harm in order to protect the other criminals who might not deserve to be put in danger with the maniacs.
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