Argument For School Dress Code

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Brian Aguilera Mr. Rippon English 3, Period 2 4 September 2017 School Dress Code Argument Why can't people be happy in their own skin and feel confident in what they’re wearing? Why don't schools let both boys and girls wear what they want? Of course, school dress code is more lenient on boys than on girls. Why can't girls wear crop tops to school without being sent to the office and being asked to change their shirt? And also not having to be getting judged by everything that they’re wearing. Dress code may have made a lot of people not be happy with their own body, and have low self esteem, because school dress code has made them not feel comfortable in their favorite shirt or shorts etc. Everyone should have the right to wear what they want, even though there is limits students. Now granted, students should also understand that there are things that are inappropriate, but they should atleast be able to go to school and feel happy that, throughout the day they can have a good normal day at school without the students having to go to the office. We all know that there is different rules in almost all school dress codes that apply to guys and girls. For example, at some schools guys can't wear beanies during class but girls can. A girl can't have shorts that reach before their fingertips when they have their arms down. I personally feel like there shouldn't be “dress code” because for many people they like to express themselves by what they wear, why should schools make people feel uncomfortable? Not having uniforms can make the students feel competitive on what they wear and where they have got their clothes from. For some students those things do matter, but for some of them it doesn’t matter they’re going to school to learn, not to impress people at school. Some schools hate what their students wear to school, but don’t they have like favorite pieces of clothing that they also love as much as the students do? If schools don't like what they are seeing in the student’s “outfits” each day then they should start making students to wear their school uniforms. 15 year old, Miranda Larkin, was sent to the nurse's office for wearing a short skirt that violated the school dress code, and they made
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