Argument For The Legalization Of Prostitution

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In society today, a negative connotation surrounds prostitution. Illegal in most places in the United States, it did not used to be that way. During this time, prostitution was a vibrant and successful industry. Nevada currently allows prostitution in a limited capacity. Those who wish to operate a brothel in Nevada must secure a license, and the ordinance must have less than four hundred thousand people. This case study is starting the trend towards decriminalization of prostitution. The biggest argument against legalization stands on religious and moral grounds. However, society has transcended past these obstacles. Internationally, numerous countries currently have legalized prostitution. Ultimately, prostitution is conducted on behalf of private citizens. It does not harm a third party. The government needs to delegate the legality to the people, rather than governmental intervention. Gender equality is an aspect that many draw on for the illegality of prostitution. Those…show more content…
Prostitution was made illegal with the Standard Vice Repression Act, which prohibited the buying, and selling of sexual acts. This has lead to a series of arguments that validates this act. First, prostitution increases the likelihood of spreading diseases. Multiple clients with nonexistent oversight is creating this hazard. Even with continuous testing, weekly or daily, tests are not always accurate. If someone does test positive, it is unlikely that individual will cease the illegal act, and continue to infect individuals. Repetitive testing can also be very expensive and timely. Many will choose to forgo this continuous cycle, and will continue to infect others. Prostitution is also leading to violent conditions for women. Prostitution reinforces the ideal that women are objects, and they can be bought. Rape and other violent crimes are increasing with this increasing notion of devaluing
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