Argument In The NFL Protests

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NFL players are kneeling during the national anthem. The protest that has been ongoing since last season is finally getting some attention albeit mostly negative. Since mentioned by Trump there are many sides to this story, people are saying it’s disrespectful to kneel in protest while others are joining the protest themselves. John Legend, the author of “The NFL Protests Are Patriotic,” would take a knee if he had the chance. Legend believes that the protests are just another stepping stone to creating equity to minorities living in America. Legend gives a logical argument by providing historical protests that spurred changes in favor for civil rights and applies it to the current protest happening today. Overall his argument is well put together but is hindered by how Legend speaks of Trump in his introduction paragraph. This protest is sparking outrage throughout the nation because of how the peaceful protest is occurring and forgetting the importance of the protest itself.
In his opening paragraph, Legend begins by detailing President Trumps shortcomings regarding patriotism. Legend provides hyperlinks to support his each of his claims against Trump. A problem with addressing the president in this negative way is that he isolates Trump supporters; as a result some of these supporters will stop reading and won’t progress further than this opening statement. Althoguh this hinders his argument, Legend creates a bridge intho the next paragraph which links back to the last
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