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In the article I’m Fine with God…but I Can’t Stand Christians Who Impose Their Morality on Others, authors Bruce Bickel and Stan Jantz critique the Christian faith’s self ordained position of society’s moral leaders. They write that Christians have no right to be in this position because of their low esteem within the culture, their hypocrisy, their lack of credibility and the blatant rejection by society’s new post-modern view. Bickel and Jantz begin with a discussion on society’s view of Christians, none of which are positive. They state that this is a known fact that even Christians agree with. They then begin to compare the Christians with legalistic Pharisees. In other words, just as Pharisees failed God’s commands so have…show more content…
These two points naturally connect to show that Christians are not seen positively or as relevant within society. Understanding that Christians act as hypocrites and as offensive dogmatists are also two seemingly connected ideas. The former and the latter do seem to rely in some way on each other as one cannot understand the premise that Christians are seen as hypocritical if one does not understand the feel, view, or perspective within society. This may appear as if the premises are therefore trustworthy within this argument however, this is not true. The conclusion may seemingly follow from the premises, however the points themselves are weak and in some respects blatantly wrong. To further test for mishaps in the logic each premise now will be separately critiqued. To begin, society is quoted in saying that Christians are judgmental, hypocritical, self-righteous and a host of other negative labels. These sub points stem, according to Bickel’s and Jantz’s own words, from “anecdotal research” and therefore make this premise plausible but hardly reliable. In order for this point to successfully support the conclusion the premise must be true and leave no room for counter arguments, which this point does not as one can simply say my town upholds Christianity as the only respectable moral way . Secondly, the authors reference Christians as Pharisees, listing long evidence on the legalistic and hypocritical

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