Argument Reflection Paper

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Thank you for reaching out to me about this. I am ecstatic to hear that you enjoyed your time at the camp, and that you are attempting to apply what you learned there in everyday life. First off, there is no need to beat yourself up about not understanding how to analyze everyday arguments. The types of arguments we use on a daily basis rarely follow the patterns that we taught you classify them by, so it is understandable that you might get confused when trying to analyze them. That being said, understanding how to deal with these arguments would be a very useful thing to know, so I am going to try my best to help you strengthen the three main skills of critical thinking. Which, of course, you know to be analyzing an argument, evaluating the premises for relevance, and evaluating the premises for truth. I am going to go step by step through an example of an everyday argument, which I have attached to this email, so that I can hopefully help you with your problem. We are going to first start with an analysis of the argument. Just to make it a little easier to understand, I am going to split this analysis into two parts. This first part is simple going to involve a surface analysis of the argument. We will determine the issue, conclusion, and premises. The second part will involve a somewhat deeper analysis. This will include diagraming the argument and determining the line of reasoning for each argument and sub argument. Determining if they are inductive/deductive and the

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