Argument and Collaboration Essay

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In the library there are many “evidence and arguments that collaboration pays dividends. Library impact research demonstrates that collaboration is essential in maximizing the positive impact of library media programs on student achievement and school success. Unfortunately, both the organizational structure and the culture in most schools discourage collaborative efforts among faculty members. Conference participants wishing to promote increased collaboration in their schools may need to draw on a variety of material to use in crafting their arguments.” (Hartzell, 2007 p 2) “This sampling of resources is divided into three sections: (1) resources specific to teacher-librarian cooperation and collaboration, (2) resources relating to…show more content…
Teacher sees classroom as center of school Principal sees school as constellation of interacting elements.” (Hartzell, 2007 p9) Professional preparation Librarian: Little administrative perspective irony, because librarians reach every program Administer facility and budget Facilitate instruction with and through others Teacher: One adult in one room with one group of students for one period of time Administrator: No significant library study outside of law. Negative potential: censorship, copyright violation.(Hartzell, 2007 p9) Little or no interaction in the broader field How many teachers and administrators read librarian publications and attend librarian conferences? How many librarians write for teacher and administrator publications and present at teacher and administrator conferences? Result: Many teachers and administrators don’t think of librarians as integral to school success or to their own personal professional success. Opportunity loss: Inaccurate librarian evaluation, teacher forms, teaching function, revert to stereotype, low return on librarian investment, staff reductions, staffing by non-professionals, budget cuts or elimination. (Hartzell, 2007 p 11) Why Should Principals Support School Libraries? Principals should support school libraries because it is in both their students’ and their own best interests to do so. Quality library
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