Argument for Euthanasia: Personal Narrative

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More than 5 years ago, I found myself in the exact same position that Susan Wolf had found herself in with her father. In my case, it was the end of life care for an elderly aunt who had no other family and as such, became a part of mine. She was my ward in a way, fully reliant and dependent on me in so many ways due to her advanced age. I thought that she was a very healthy person and could possibly go on living forever since she was under constant medical care. But all the medical care that the doctors could provide for her could not remove the nagging pains that seemed to be ravaging her fast aging body. It was because of that physical manifestation of pain that led my mother and I to bring her to a Chinese holistic healer who…show more content…
Later on, she began choking on her food, even a drink of water seemed to drown her. A feeding tube was then attached in order to keep her fed and hydrated. But everything that we were doing for her was for naught. During one particularly painful episode, she called me to her side and asked me “Can you help me die?” I was dumbstruck. I never thought that this woman, who lived through the horrors of life and helped raise me as a child would ever get to such a low point in her own life. I did not know how to answer her and chose to ignore the question. I pretend it was a joke instead. If I had only known then that she was going to slip into a coma and be turned into a pin cushion as the home doctor's visit turned into a poking and prodding session that, I could was hurting her a lot. She may have been in a coma and unable to open her eyes or utter a word, but her face still managed to contort in pain when her IV needles were replaced or her feeding tube went down the wrong pipe and had to be reinserted. I would then remember what were almost her final words to me: “Can you help me die?” It was then that I turned to her sister, my mother and told her of my aunt's request while she was still living. I asked her what we were doing all of these things for? We knew she was never going to pull out of the coma, her system was already failing, she could no longer be given enough liquid food or water to keep up her nourishment. She had developed
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