Argument for The Abolishment of Capital Punishment GCSE

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Do two wrongs make a right? That is the question you should ask yourself. How can one life be worth more than another?s? Would you like to have your dignity, and even your basic human rights to stripped away from you at the flick of a switch or the pull of a trigger?
What is the point in Capital punishment when it doesn't even deter crime? A study into the effect of Capital Punishment said, 'the presence of the death penalty in law and practice has no discernible effect as a deterrent to murder.' How does this serve as a deterrent to crime? It offers the convict an easy way out with no reflection on what they've done. They don't learn from their mistakes and although there is obviously no risk of re-offence, the criminal cannot give
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Can one death blot out the other? And what of the families? The victim?s family is grieving, so how can the sorrow of another family help them? I believe it to be a barbaric practice that does not have a place in modern society.
Many people state public safety as the reason for their support of Capital Punishment. Obviously those executed are unable to re-offend, but what of deterring others? It has been proven that in states with capital punishment crime can be at an equal or even significantly higher rate than states without it. I believe imprisonment to be a greater deterrent than execution. Execution offer an easy way out for the criminal in terms of that they don?t have to feel sorry for what they?ve done. Whereas imprisonment lets them think it over for a long time, which I believe would be better for public safety, as very few would wish to be re-incarcerated after serving a life sentence.
As I said, execution cannot possibly be classed as humane.
Some would argue that being incarcerated isn?t as humane as execution. Was Allan Lee Davies? execution humane, in any way?
I seriously doubt it. Ask a prisoner if he would rather suffer horrifically or serve a sentence in a prison. The answer you would get is rather obvious. The emotional pain inflicted on the criminal may be as great as the physical suffering, for example, those due to be electrocuted are shaved and

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