Argumentation, School Uniform

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In a democratic society, people are free to choose what sort of dress they want, but the way we dress ourselves greatly depends on what the situation we are in. For instance, we put on evening suits when we present ourselves at a party of celebrities; on the field, we put on sports wear. Therefore, in elementary and secondary school, I suggest students should put on school uniform to give a consciousness to students that people should wear proper clothes in certain place in order to respect others. As Gilchrish said, "clothing is a way to show others that you have respect and consideration for the situation" (20).
Discipline is very important in our daily life. We have to follow lots of rule every single day. Once we don't keep in a right
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As mentioned above, if parents don't want their kid be excluded from other schoolmates, they may need to save money for their kid to buy designed clothes. In NSBA School Uniform Survey 2006, 290 parents were asked if "school uniforms a cost saver over general apparel," 81.6% said "yes" (17). The survey demonstrates that the majority parent think school uniform does save their money. Students and intruders can be easily identified when students are required to wear school uniform. In school, if an intruder goes into the school, the staffs in school could distinguish he/she immediately. On organized trips away from school, it is much easier for teachers to ensure they haven't lost anyone. Since students can be recognized easily, it could indirectly lead students to act more considerately. When students misbehave outside the school, people know which school the students study in and report their behavior to school. The school may punish the students and notify their parents. It's not what students want. So they would control their conduct outside the school when they wear uniform. As a Brunsma described in his research on uniforms, student uniforms "decreases behavioral problems and drug use" (53).
Uniform encourages students to have a sense of belonging and of being part of a community. Every morning students wear their uniform, it evokes them to think of their school
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