Argumentative +/- Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis

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The doctor calls your house asking for you to come down to his office to talk. As you walk in, you feel your heart in your throat. As he sits the two of you down he begins, "There is a problem we need to discuss. We received your test results back." He continues by telling you that you 're having trouble conceiving because of a genetic abnormality you never even knew you had. Your mind races and your heart sinks. How is this possible? You never thought you would have to deal with not being able to have a baby one day. "There are several options you have to try and conceive without passing on the genetic abnormality…" the doctor continues to explain, but the one I would recommend first is Pre Implantation Genetic Diagnosis." You and your…show more content…
2. The fear of PGD, I believe is a healthy one. We should be afraid that eventually this might become a normal process for parents to choose their child 's genetic traits.
a. In the process after the healthy embryos are identified, what if the parent decides they only want to implant the embryos that are female? We could end up killing off an entire gender and in the process, be extremely gender biased.
a. Besides sexism, maybe you would like a child who is tall, blonde, athletic, and smart. With PGD, those are realities that are right around the corner.
b. And for Christians, who is to say we are to play God in choosing whether or not our child will have a disease or which gender we 'd rather choose?
c. And as Pro Choice Forum states what about the "hypothetical case in which the couple might prefer the use of genetically abnormal embryos to healthy ones, which would deliberately cause a child to be born with a disability."

Transition: So what should we say about the positives and negatives of Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis?

Obviously there are a few benefits for genetic testing of embryos. But do those benefits outweigh the realistic problems that are just around the corner such as sexism, killing embryos that may not even develop a genetic disorder or made-to-order children? What if by the time we have children you have the option to choose what gender they are, their

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