Argumentative Essay: A Death With Dignity

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Grove 1
Colm Grove
T. Allison
English 110
4 May 2015
A Death with Dignity "Life is but a dream for the dead", - Gerard Way. There is a set routine that all living things that exist on earth and everywhere else in the known universe must abide by. That in life we are born, we will live, and eventually we will die. Life itself is a miracle in its own sense. None the less, all good things must eventually come to an end. More so, to live means it is inevitable to die. That is the cost of living. However, death is not a stranger to the human race and although many have attempted, none have escaped its grasp. Death is not always quick and painless, nor is it ever suddenly expected. But for the few people who receive a terminal diagnoses, it unfortunately is. Death can then actually become a desired means to a peaceful …show more content…

On the right is Dan Diaz and to the left of him is his late wife Brittany Maynard. This picture was aired on numerous television channels for media giants like CNN, FOX, ABC, and CBS dozens of times throughout the entire coverage of Brittany’s story. It was in my personal opinion a very helpful tool used to shape the way the audience viewed her story. The goal in mind was to play at the heart strings of the American public. To show the everyday American just how normal and relatable Brittany truly was. In a way they almost made her the poster child of the practice. Unfortunately Brittany Maynard was unfairly and biasedly attacked about her decision to end her life on her own terms. She gave her story to the media in high hopes it that by being open and vulnerable to public criticisms that the way in which future cases dealing with right to die laws might be changed in favor of the individual patients. To help make laws that make it easier for terminally ill patients to seek out the medical treatment that lets them die on their own terms and with

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