Argumentative Essay About Abortion

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Imagine ending a pure innocent human's life, well this is what happens in abortion. It takes lives of 125,000 babies per day and in the USA alone over 3000 per day. Abortion will always be a controversial topic globally because both sides believe they are correct. I like to think people just lack information on the subject or aren't correctly educated in the subject of abortion. Many fail to recognize the fact that life begins the moment of conception, but what we can all agree on, is that abortion is the termination of pregnancy.

In order to understand the subject of abortion we need some background information because it was said by current studies that 84% of women aren't correctly given enough information to choose between abortion. It became officially legalized the 22nd of January of 1973. There are two procedures that may be done, either surgical or by taking a pill. The pill can be taken up to 8 weeks or less for it to be the most effective. It has mifepriotone or also called RU-486, it is a chemical that blocks progresterone. This hormone is essential for nourishing the baby and it stabilizes the ling of the uterus. 24 hours later misoprostol is taken and contractions develop, this forces the baby out of the uterus causing bleeding and various other symptoms. The second most common method for abortion is for it to be done surgically, it is called the suction D&C. By 11 weeks the baby's fingers, face, and head are developed including their bones. Since their bones are developing and are very fragile it is very easy for it for it to be suctioned up by basically a powerful vacuum. It is 10 to 20 times more powerful than your household vacuums.

At 16 weeks old or older an additional step is taken, they use sharp metal forceps. If all the remains aren't fully taken out it can cause some difficulties such as an injury to the uterus or cervix, infection, future pregnancy complications or in rare cases, maternal death. There's also instillation methods of abortion that can be used up to the 3rd trimester of pregnancy. It is where one cup of amniotic fluid is removed and replaced by a highly concentrated solution of salt. Then the baby inhales this solution and it burns their skin and they live in this

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