Argumentative Essay About Going To College

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Jingyu Zhou
ESL 250
Professor Trista
Argumentative Essay Nowadays, the ability to attend college is a question for some students in the world. Some people express opinions based on that every student should go to college because a four-year degree could benefit them a lot for their careers. However, there are also some people believe that not everyone should go to college because they think college is increasingly expensive and stressful for students. In fact, the two options of whether going to college or not, have their both sides of good and bad. I would like to say that each student should go to college and finish their four-year college studies. Based on my point of view, I believe college will provide a lot of benefits to
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And those people all have opportunities to make our society to become better. Reason being a more educated background is more likely to generate profits and values. Thus, going to school is the first step of becoming a useful person in the future (Melissa, 2014).
Once students go to college, they will face a totally different life. In school, some students who come from different cities, different states, or even different countries have to live independently because college students have to take on their own duties of their independent lives. For example, college students even cook for themselves. It is a good opportunity to make them become more independent. Additionally, self-discipline is another skill that students will gain in the college. “Practicing self-discipline means accepting control and responsibility”. Students in the college need to control themselves well. Such as, go to bed early, get up early and study industriously. Students may increase positive outcomes if they can match with these easy requirements (James, p.15). Furthermore, in the busy college life, students will learn how to manage their time properly. They set up a schedule to organize their daily lives. For example, when final week is coming, they need to know when and how much time they need to review for each exam, or how much time they need to spend on each assignment. Planning is also a method that enables students to determine their goals and to
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