Argumentative Essay About Horses

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If you’ve ever owned an animal, you know that being around them can be extremely therapeutic. After a stressful day at work or school, it is always nice to come home to your pet and feel comforted by them. Many dog owners even claim that their dogs can feel their pain. However, if you speak to anyone who has been spent their life around horses, they’ll tell you that the connection between horse and rider is unlike any other. Norwegian researcher Anita Maurstad explains in a recent article, that over time horse and rider can become so attuned to each other that they develop a state of co-being. Maurstad also found, through research, that horses appear to learn to relate to humans in ways that provide them with a good quality of life. A recent study from Washington State university has concluded that kids who work with horses have significantly lower stress levels. In addition to these, there have been numerous other studies that show that working with horses decreases blood pressure, reduced feelings of anger, tension, and anxiety. Riding horses also allows you to gain feelings of self esteem, empowerment, patience, and trust. Because of the overwhelming positive effects that horses seem to have, horses are no longer being used just for recreational or agricultural…show more content…
They sense our emotions and often move away from fear and anger because these register as potential danger. However, they don’t feel threatened by the more vulnerable human emotions such as sadness and loneliness. Horses can sense the feelings in us that are often out of our conscious awareness and, thus, give us information about ourselves. They mirror our feelings back to us through their body language, therefore, they teach us how we impact those around us. For example if a patient begins to get angry with a horse and loses their temper, they will be able to see the horse recoil which gives the patient a clear understanding of the effect their emotions can
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