Argumentative Essay About Learning Spanish

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Investigation Cultural (Tentative)
By Andrew Haug
Learning Spanish is something that has being gaining increasing importance in the world. With an ever larger population of people using Spanish as their first language, being able to speak and communicate in Spanish is gaining more importance. People need to learn it for many reasons such as: for business, to expand your horizons both nationally and internationally, to better appreciate Hispanic culture, and simply just to learn the language. Learning Spanish, or any foreign language, also has benefits that people have just recently discovered. Scientists have found out that learning a foreign language, particularly before the age of 5, has
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People can also participate in study abroad programs as a way to improve their ability with a foreign language. Two such programs that are being offered to Spanish 300 and 400 students is the opportunity to study abroad in Costa Rica or Spain. There are several reasons as to why participating in a study abroad program is more advantageous than simply studying in a classroom. The largest advantage that participating in a study abroad program is that by being in a foreign country where the language you are learning is the primary language is that since you are immersed in the language, one’s proficiency in using the language will increase more quickly when compared to those that are only attending a class for their foreign language simply due to the fact one must use that language all of the time. Study abroad programs also have the added benefit of improving one’s knowledge about a particular country’s culture and traditions. Lastly, study abroad programs allow one to become friends with many new people and make many new friends. It is for these reasons of improving language proficiency, learning more about a country’s culture, and meeting new people and making new friends that I am interested in participating in a study abroad program in the
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