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Scientist Carl Sagan once said “for small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable only through love.” If the vastness of the universe can be explained through love, then what sense do we make of this great power itself? This feeling that humanizes us can be explained through rationality, chemical imbalances, and evolutionary purposes, but perhaps literature, the main vehicle for expressing love for centuries, has the final word on love because it explains more completely the phenomenon of attraction, the eternalness of love, and how it makes us feel whole. Science has made many advances in the recent decade towards discovering what happens in our brain when we fall in love. Helen Fisher's book Why We Love, is centered around the idea that love is essentially a biological phenomenon, something that can be explained through evolutionary traits and chemical changes in our brains. For example, one of Fisher’s main arguments is that due to chemicals that “bestow focus, stamina, and vigor [we] are driven by the motivating engine of the brain” (72) to fall in love. These chemicals: norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine are responsible for the induduation of emotions that comes with love. Fisher goes on to say that we desire to find a partner because of the “primordial brain network that drives the lover to focus his or her attention on life’s grand prize- a mate who may pass their DNA toward eternity.” Although her idea is plausible, Fisher reduces the complex entity of love to not only a chemical imbalance, but a sort of game in a sense. Throughout Why We Love there is a Darwinian theme of survival of the fittest, where Fisher explains the need for love as a survival mechanism or as a mere vehicle for passing down and protecting one’s DNA. For example, she explains why we are attracted to one another by arguing that “unconsciously [women] are attracted to individuals who could potentially help them produce genetically more varied young” (104), and for this reason women are drawn to “symmetrical men.” These men have various different “reproductive perks” including the advantage of having sex earlier, and being able to give more orgasms- which consequently leads to more release of sperm. Fisher, here,

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