Argumentative Essay About Pennies

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Pennies. . .to exist or not to exist? That’s the question for these small coins. The debate about the one-cent coin is still going today, such as should the penny be banned? If not, what are the consequences? Will it affect our lives in such a way as getting rid of the dollar would? [Although, we’re not doing that. The dollar is too important.] This debate has lasted for far too long, and it’s time we pick our sides. I would ban the penny. For one, it’s way too costly. The penny is also a waste of space, a tremendous waste of space. Finally, it’s just a waste of time to count all those pennies for hours and hours. . .

To start with, I think the penny is way too pricey to produce which leads to excessive amounts of money wasted. For instance,
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Because of needing to count them for countless hours, less money is earned. We’ve lost hours we could have been paid, since normally minimum wage is based on dollars per hour. Consequently, we’ve lost $700 million dollars we could have had in our wallets. Another thing is they’re too heavy to ship. According to source 2, pennies are “too heavy and not cost-effective to ship.” (Source 2 - Mancuso). Ultimately, they just have no value. Most people, according to source 3, feel as if pennies aren’t worth carrying around or using, this would save time since we wouldn’t have to count them (Source 3 - Waterhouse).

So what if they cost a little more than they’re worth? We could solve this by making the pennies out of steel, making the penny cheaper to produce (Source 2 - Mancuso). And they waste space, supposedly? Well, they’re worth so little, you would probably be tempted to give them away, to a charity, or other beneficial things, which would free your space a little ( Source 3 - Waterhouse). Pennies also happen to waste our time, yes, but people still want to use their precious pennies, so let them. There’s no reason to ban the penny, as all issues can easily be solved.

So, are pennies really worth the ban? I believe so, as there’s enough reasons, such as the penny being too costly, a waste of space, and even a waste of time. So I believe it’s time for a change. We need to get rid of the one-cent piece, and round to the nearest five, instead. But this all starts with
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