Argumentative Essay About Ryan's Murder

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Ryan called the cops, but of course there was no way that they would be able to find Gabriel an hour after the murder, after all he might be on a plane heading to the US mainland. Ryan also called his family members and gave them details on the whole situation. Ryan’s family was in a state of shock. Ryan wanted badly to say “I told you so,” but didn’t because he wasn’t in the mood to be mad at anyone, he should have protected his family knowing that Gabriel had his ways of finding Ryan and his family.
Ryan began doing his homework on Gabriel, studying every murder that Gabriel was even mentioned in even if he wasn’t a suspect. Almost all of the murders that Ryan looked at were taken place either in the morning or in the evening there were no murders involving Gabriel between 9:00am and 6:00pm. Also seventy-six percent of the murders were females as the victim. Another piece of information that Ryan found was all but six of the murders were shootings. Ryan spent days and days studying the reported murders, he wanted to find Gabriel, he wanted Gabriel executed as soon as possible. A man that kills people for a living doesn’t deserve to live on this earth.
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Ryan hated Gabriel, he wanted to find Gabriel and settle his business with him but he could not find Gabriel and didn’t know how to find him.
About a week later Ryan got a call while he was in his office at HPD, “Hey Ryan, guess who?” Ryan knew this was Gabriel and he ran over to a member of HPD and told him to get to the tracker and the member, Connor, turned on the tracker and it took a little bit so Ryan tried to stall a
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