Argumentative Essay About School Uniforms

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Schools and Uniforms, The Struggle Do students enjoy wearing uncomfortable clothing as a school requirement? Schools that require uniforms tend to displease the common public. Schools shouldn’t have uniforms required to attend their school. Firstly, school uniforms can become uncomfortable due to movement throughout the school day. Secondly, uniforms can cause a sense of blandness, or distastefulness in the school society. Finally, the students who have recently attended the school would leave due to them not being able to afford the uniforms. School uniforms are commonly made from polyester, a very easy to wash and durable material. Polyester uniforms can be specially purchased to have certain cotton pieces to make the uniform more comfortable for the student. Other students may have allergies to a certain material or fabric type. Students who have allergies generally have to pay more to change the materials the uniform is made of. Polyester is a very uncomfortable material, because “It’s uncomfortable and hot, and to add insult to injury, holds odors,” (Eastgaard p.3). Wearing polyester can cause many uncomfortable issues and will make parents pay more for the uniform to ensure that their child is happy and enjoying their academic life. If everyone in an entire school building wears the same uniform then many people will become bored with outward appearances. Students will stop hanging out with certain people because they all seem the same. Sending a person home because they don’t meet the dress codes is outrageous. People think that not following the dress code isn't that big of a deal, but “is it OK to deprive someone of a day of education just because they don’t look smart enough” (Jacobs p.1). Sending students home because of dress code violations isn’t okay, and it shouldn’t be allowed to happen. If school uniforms weren’t enforced in the learning environment then people wouldn’t be sent home as often due to dress code violations. The stricter the dress code, the more rebels there will be. If schools don’t force their uniforms onto the students and give them some freedom then the amount of rebellious behaviour will go down. Schools who enforce school uniforms would have more students if they didn’t
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