Argumentative Essay About Space Station

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In the near future, a station will be needed to do what Earth can no longer to provide for us in the future. With the growing population of 200,000 people to this planet every day and 70 million more people every year, food is the ever-growing need. But how can we support the growing human species on Earth? The answer in short is we can’t by the year 2100 the United Nations predicts that 11 billion people will exist on Earth (World Population Balance 2017). This in turn unless corrected by stop having kids, would create death rates rise through famine, disease, and war. Another solution is to outsource our population to other planets, which is already planned in our close future. But the best place for our species is space. Need space…show more content…
Power systems would be a mixed use of different systems that being solar, nuclear and battery. Conducting this method of a hybrid power system would meet the demands on a growing station. Fission power system wouldn’t be any of a radioactive hazard until system power-up this would entitle of a safe system install. A backup computer operated system to help maintain the reactor by allowing the system to response to power grid load and power system thermal load. This would provide a safe operating temperature that would be based on a negative temperature band feedback. This would cause less potential damage caused by thermal stress on the reactor (Angelo 2017). Battery system would be based on the ideal of the Tesla Power Wall. This battery would contain the battery pack, invertor and the liquid cooling loop (Tesla 2017). The batteries would be connected in series to provide enough output for a twenty-four output. This will in a case where reactor power will need to be brought online from a down system or emergency. If in an emergency the nuclear reactor compartment will be evacuated and ejected from the station to provide safety for the station. In this time, the station will operate low power and depend on battery and solar panels. A dispatch team will investigate the reactor to see if recoverability can be taken. Batteries will be cycled on and off to maintain optimal performance of system life using a

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