Argumentative Essay About Transgender

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The topic of gender is becoming more and more relevant in our society today. A big issue, however, that no one seems to talk about or realize are the issues of violence and discrimination, specifically towards transgender people. The violence and discrimination targeted towards transgender people and transgender people of color are increasing at an alarming rate.
First, we need to differentiate between sex and gender. We often think of sex and gender as being the same or related to each other but, that is not the case. Sex and gender are completely different from each other. Sex is the classification of being either male or female. Our sex is what was assigned to us at birth; it is biological. Gender, on the other hand, is not biological.
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Rejection from the people that are the closest to them, such as friends and family, give them these suicidal tendencies. “Transgender people who are rejected by their families or lack social support are much more likely to both consider suicide, and to attempt it” (Tannehill “The Truth About Transgender Suicide” 2015). Many times, we do not realize the effects our words and actions have on people, both good and bad. “Those with strong support were 82% less likely to attempt suicide than those without support” (Tannehill “Transgender Suicide” 2015). Transgender youth who are rejected by their parents are “13 times more likely to attempt suicide than transgender youth who are supported by their parents” (Tannehill “Transgender Suicide” 2015). Violence, such as physical abuse or sexual abuse, is a major contribution to the risk of suicide among people who are transgender. “Transgender people who have been physically or sexually abused because they are transgender are at a higher risk of suicide” (Tannehill “Transgender Suicide” 2015). The number of times a transgender person has been abused goes hand in hand with how many times they have attempted suicide. The discrimination against transgender people also increases the risk of suicide. “Discrimination against transgender people in healthcare, employment, accommodations, and housing is very common” (Tannehill “Transgender Suicide” 2015). “The intersections of racism, sexism, homophobia, and

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