Argumentative Essay About Women In The Military

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The idea of women in the military has caused much controversy over the years. Some people believe that women don’t have what it takes because they are too frail and weak, and therefore, should not be allowed to enlist. While others, believe that women can definitely handle themselves and can actually be a benefit to the military. I happen to be in the latter, but only to an extent. I firmly believe that certain women have what it takes, but not nearly all, same goes for men too. You may have the passion and determination, but it still goes to stand that the military is indeed a vicious place, and not everybody has the required mental and physical ability to make it, no matter how much they try. Given this unfortunate, but crucial fact, I can understand how some people believe that no woman should be allowed to enlist, however, even though the military is extremely trying and never to be taken lightly, I believe that there are women in the world who can deal and hold their own…show more content…
During World War 2 women started participating and becoming active in more jobs specifically made for the men. These jobs included: serving as mechanics, ambulance drivers, administrators, and even pilots. The women in armed forces movement didn’t stop their either, in 1948 Congress passed the Women’s Armed Services Integration Act, essentially entitling all women to veteran benefits and rendering them subject to military authority. If you think that was a big deal, the next thing that happens will make it seem like yet a minor stepping stone in the difficult but satisfying journey for women seeking to be in the military. 1973 was such a pivotal year for women in the military, mainly because the military draft that was only for males, ends, creating opportunities for women all throughout the globe. They take advantage of this fortunate decision by the government, by serving as technicians, nurses, and in some cases,
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