Argumentative Essay Against Gun Control

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What cause crime? Is is an individual’s access to firearms or is it their willingness to act illegally given the opportunity? In this argumentative essay I will be discussing one of the most debated topics in the United States today, gun control. There are two extremely opposite views on this topic: the belief that guns enable crime, and the belief that guns deter crime. These polar opposites leave room for a very good discussion of what facts and truths may lie behind this topic. Throughout this essay I will be analyzing both sides of this issue.The significance of a topic such as gun control is very prevalent in today’s society. Some see it sad that we must argue over one of our supposedly deemed unalienable rights such as bearing a firearm.
Over two centuries ago with the ratification of our Bill of Rights, I would highly doubt anyone would believe that the ability to carry a firearm would one day be debated; or even illegal. As the second amendment states “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed” (Staff). Since 1787, nowhere has “the right to bear arms” been further explained in a legal or political sense. Thus, throughout the history of our country the right to own a firearm has been implied.
The side of this debate that attempts to get technical and say that guns were only needed to form militias, is inadvertently implying the right of gun ownership themselves. For militias are armies of citizens not involved with the
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