Argumentative Essay Against School Uniforms

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Say Yes to School Uniforms: An Argumentative Essay In Favor Of School Uniforms The controversy about students wearing school uniforms is met with approval and criticism. Although school uniforms are becoming more favorable, some students, parents, and administrators oppose the school uniform policy arguing that school uniforms deny students’ rights to express themselves. “The percentage of public schools implementing a uniform rule jumped from 13% to 19% between the 2003-04 and the 2011-12 academic years” (Lake). School Uniforms do reduce the choice of clothing that the student can wear, but it does not lessen their education; the purpose of them being there. Students can express their individual style of clothes outside of the classroom. School is a place to learn, and when the choice of clothing is narrowed, the students can direct their full attention to academics. Former Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton advocated for uniforms in school. She said: “Take that (clothing choices) off the table and put the focus on school not what you’re wearing.” (Clinton). Although school uniforms limit individuality, school uniforms should be required in order to improve social dynamics and the overall health of the school. School uniforms create solidarity and enforcing a uniform policy would make all the students look similar. This addresses peer pressure issues and ceases students trying to “fit in” by wearing stylish or trendy clothes. Statistically, school uniforms have positively impacted schools in the areas of violence and truancy. “According to research 42% of parents and 80% of teachers agreed or strongly agreed that school uniforms promoted school pride and a sense of community. Some people feel that students will feel more connected to their school and classmates. Furthermore, 36% of parents and 52% of teachers agreed and strongly agreed that school uniforms eliminated competition among students” (Statistic Brain Research Institute Online/Direct Response Mail). This positively impacts the school by reducing bullying, and gang-related activities. By establishing a uniform policy, the financial load that parents encounter could be minimized. For parents, August and September is the time they usually

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