Argumentative Essay: Are Aliens Real?

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One of the biggest questions on Earth to date is “Are aliens real?” Years and years ago people have been starting to ask if aliens are real judging by events that can lead to proof. Evidence ranging from abductions, UFO sightings, and even experiments show that aliens do in fact exist. On the night of July 2, 1947 Mac Brazel, a farmer from Roswell, heard a huge explosion near his ranch. Mac later told the sheriff and described it as if was not from this planet. The day after the UFO crashed Barney Barnett, a person who had seen the crash site, was followed by archaeology students to see what was wrong with the UFO since there was light beaming off of it. What they saw under the UFO were three bodies with unusually large heads and slanted eyes. Another person had seen the same thing. This time it was World War II hero, Captain Henderson. When Henderson flew the strange bodies to Texas he was told not share any information. Before he died, he told his wife that he saw basically the same thing as Barnett, tiny creatures with big heads and slanted eyes. It is very rare to be told that someone has actually seen small…show more content…
Doctor Roger Leir is a surgeon who’s job is to remove alien implants from humans. During his 30 years of being a surgeon he had found 16 implants. His most recent discovery was a piece of meteorite found in a woman’s leg who had claimed she was abducted. Before his surgery, Leir saw that there was no scar or open wound that the meteorite could have been placed in. Leir described the material as if it was basically a meteorite. As you know, meteorites don’t come from Earth. They are found in space. An alien easily could have “abducted” this woman and planted this meteorite inside of her possibly for experiments. While it is not sure why exactly this implants are in humans, we know that there is a good chance that alien life had placed implants into innocent
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