Being Gay In High School Essay

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Being gay in High School can affect you in many ways it could be in a good, bad or you can even simply make it into your own little joke for four years. Was coming out “the closet” when everybody least expected a good idea?No, Am I mad at myself for doing it? Nope, Getting all types of comments from friends, family, and complete strangers. “You don’t look gay.” Am I supposed to have it written on my forehead? “You’re so feminine” “You should go back to liking guys.” No one can tell me who to like or how to feel? Hearing those type of things from a person you care about or even from a total stranger can make you feel many different types of emotions it could be positive or negative. I told my friends before my family that I was gay and that was hard enough, freshman year, I had my first official girlfriend. I remember being nervous to walk in but when I did it was a breath of a relief because I’ve been so scared to even talk about, All my friends faces their mouths open with surprise my other classmates whispering everyone came up to me asking the same question “ when did this happen” or “wtf”. No one seemed to believe me to prove it i kissed my girlfriend everyone in the cafeteria gasped but all i did was smile. It got easier as the days passed she wasn’t perfect with the smoking situation… I received a phone call from my aunt she said i had to break up with her because she found out she smoked and if I didn’t she would tell my parents. Months passed i turned 15 and I
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