Argumentative Essay: Enforcing A Bill To Become The Law

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For many years the problems within our lives have increase daily; including murder, domestic violence, shooting or just basic housing. We are faces with the facts that laws have not been developed or put into place to protect us and our love ones. As American’s we take oath to be the best country that we can be, but why is there so much corruption that harm us daily. If tragedy strikes my family and the person causing this walk away because of a clause in the Law, do I have the right be apply for a Bill to pass as the Law to prevent this from happening to any other family? How do we go about enforcing a Bill to make it become the law for protection and who will determine rather this Bill will pass as a Law? Laws are being broken daily,…show more content…
In the 1900 women were abused, stabbed and rapped in the hands of a violent person that has little consequences. In 1983 a women was being stocked by an ex-boyfriend that had a violent pass, years of abusing women and getting away with this crime. Restraining Orders was filed by the victim, but no protection from the law due to lack of clauses within the law. Finally in December of 1983 he took this women life, because he felt that if she did not want him, no other person in the world would have her. For years women fought to rewrite The Violence Against Women Act, to increase the protection of women being abused. In 1984 the bill was renewed to set the standards to protect the women and some men from the violence abuse against their accusers. The Violence Against Women Act has been credited towards the decrease of domestic violence in the country by two-thirds for the past twenty years. The United States Senate has funded over 659 million over the past five years to many programs that provide grants to assist with the help of providing housing, legal assistance, law enforcement and abuse hotline to protection the victim. After many years of going through so much hurt and sorrow, families have signed petitions, marched and stood on the Capital to have bills changed to become a law. With over 25,000 bills are introduced to Congress only 10% changes into a law. The process of changing
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