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Career Cluster When I was in middle school, I wanted to be a massage therapist. I liked helping relieve stress in peoples shoulders even when they did not know it was there. I knew that it made good money and as I was aware, that was I was suppose to strive for. My parents made adequate money doing things that helped people, and I wanted to do that while even making more. As my years passed on, I had a very strong interest in photography. I was warned that I may not make as much as an artist and maybe not even enough to survive, but I felt a passion just to find that it was a flame with no ember. After realizing that maybe money shouldn’t be a major focus, I switched my mental focus to social work. In this field, I could help tremendous…show more content…
Why isn’t there an option to go into seventh grade “undecided?” After asking some students about their decision making process, I found that it was not any easier to make that decision in middle school than it will be for them in their adult years. Many people who agree with this new system will argue that career clusters are helpful to a student who is exploring a particular field more in-depth. While this is true, it is also restricting the students to only one particular field of study. Mr. Burris states “The big fear I is that we are going back to where we were at the beginning of the last century, where we started sorting and selecting students, and putting them on life paths that may foreclose their options. “ In my case, I would have learned next to nothing about photography while studying with the rest of the students in the Health and Wellness cluster. If I had chosen photography just to find that I’d rather help people than make art, I would have still been stuck in the Digital Media and Art Design cluster rather than learning with my fellow students interested in Human and Public services. Once a student chooses his or her career cluster, that student is not stuck in that for the rest of his or her primary years. Each student may choose to switch his or her career
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