Argumentative Essay: Gun Control In The United States

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Gun Control
The debate of gun control in America has been argued over dating back to even before the American Revolution. It is such a dominant political topic that it is a key component to presidential races. Gun Control is the debate on whether of not there should be guns, no guns, or guns with types of regulations. Although the right to bear arms is granted in the people of the United States of America’s Constitution, there is still much debate about the issue. America is made of many outdoorsmen and it has traditionally a large military. This means that gun control is a hot topic in the United States of America, even if it says it cannot be infringed in its constitution. America’s constitution states, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary
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Another large subtopic about gun control is who should be in charge of deciding it. Numerous people think that the federal government should be in charge of deciding this altercation. They think there should be an overall rule for the United States of America and that it should not be different for every state. They believe the federal government should be in charge of most issues like gun control. On the other hand, people think completely opposite. Many people think it should be decided on the state level and be different for each and every state. This argument about state’s rights can be traced back to the 1780’s around the making of our country. A large factor in deciding whether it should be determined by the state depends where you are in the nation. For example, if you asked the average Texan of his or her opinion they would probably want the state to decide most issues. If you asked your average New Yorker, he or she would say the complete opposite most of the time.
Statistics can change a person’s point of view on an issue very quickly. Statistics are very important to both sides of the argument. One second a person is anti-gun control and then two seconds later after being faced with facts he or she is not, or vise versa. Here are some cold hard facts for and against gun
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