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Argumentative Essay: Should The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn be taught in school? Daniel Perez Period 1 10/30/14 The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a novel based on the journey Huck, a young boy with an abusive father, and Jim, a runaway slave, have down the Mississippi River to Free states for an end goal of freedom. Freedom means different things to both of them, to Huck freedom means to be able to do what he wants and not be “sivilized”, while Jim’s definition of freedom is being able to live in peace with his wife and children. While on their journey to freedom they develop a caring unusual friendship. There is a great deal of controversy over whether or not The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn should be taught in…show more content…
Although this is true students are aware that it is not accepted in society and when they see it accepted in the novel they start to believe it is fine to say racial slurs in the “real world”. Even though some of the more mature and sophisticated can understand the role of racism in this book most students will interpret it another way making it a good reason why Huck Finn should be taught in a higher level of education. Racism is definitely a big deal in modern day America, society has tried to take on the seemingly impossible task of annihilating racism altogether in past couple of years. The problem with this novel is that it has a presence of racism towards Jim and the whole community of blacks. “ Your teacher will say straight off the bat that Mark Twain was not a racist; that his masterpiece is a story of reconciliation between the races and that it is filled with irony, riveting narrative, and revolutionary use of dialect”(Tori Morris). The portrayer of Jim is one of the most racist aspects about the novel, Twain describes Jim as he saw black slaves: Jim has big lips, big eyes, and bear-like features, he is naïve, uneducated and ignorant. The stereotyping of Jim infuriates people like Tori Morris who believe the stereotyping is irritating “When was the last time your white peers read a classic that stereotyped their kind” (Tori Morris). . Critics say that Twain used a technique of incorrect grammar and a different dialect for Jim to

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