Argumentative Essay: Is College A Good Or Bad?

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College is good, but bad at the same time to a certain extent. The reason why college is not as good as it sounds is because it costs a lot of money, takes a lot of time to get your college degree, and you may not like it after you paid your tuition fees. Many Americans cannot pay off their debt because their jobs don’t pay enough, according to the LA Times. According to the article “College is a bad financial bet for some, study says” it lists that one in five colleges had a negative return investment. Thus, the college graduates from a majority of American colleges are in major debt without any financial help. However, there is some hope for college graduates here in America; such as scholarships and federal grants. Many of the scholarships…show more content…
College is great in extent, but if you plan to major in a decent career that doesn’t pay enough to pay off your college debt, it would be a good idea to review the college option. In most cases, that’s not the problem. College can be one of the biggest benefits to your life if you use all of your resources. In fact, many college students are first generation or funded by scholarships. Young adults are willing to learn and are able to depending on their willingness to do so. The average salary of a high school dropout is statistically not that great, including a high school graduate. Your pay increases dramatically if you hold an associate’s degree according the Bureau of labor statistics. Time one of the best selling magazines in the Unites States claims hat college isstill worth every cent. The average pay of a college student is about $53,000 and most of those high paying jobs in the United states are held by about 97% of college graduates. According to the hamilton project almost every college student earns $1.9 million over their entire life and only $9,410 goes to paying off college if you go to public college in state; out of state costs on average
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