Argumentative Essay: Is Google Making USarter?

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Google has a positive impact on making people smarter all over the world, but many people suggest that instead of making us smarter, Google is perhaps making us dumber. When you have questions and need quick answers, Google is always there to provide you with everything you need and more. Many people don’t realize the positive impact that Google has on people, many people actually deny the fact that Google is making us smarter and smarter every day. Many people take the things they learn on Google and use it every day in many different ways such as: tests, school, fun facts, group debates, etc. People may think Google is making us dumber, but in fact Google makes us smarter in many different ways that people don't realize. Google, is becoming the face of research in today’s era. After reading an article called “Experts Say Google Does Not Make Us Stupid” by David Weir, he backs up the point that Google does not make us stupid, but instead it’s making us smarter. Weir, actually did a survey that conducted of 895 experts. According to Weir, “76 percent agreed that by 2020, people’s use of the internet (Google) has enhanced human intelligence; as people are allowed unprecedented access to more information they…show more content…
One of those people is Nicholas Carr the author of the novel “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”. In his novel, Carr states, “we rely on the internet too much instead of doing actual research ourselves” which could be true or it could not be true. A person like Carr might also say that sure, you might know the direct answer to a question from looking it up on Google, but do you know how to get to that answer if you were to take a test? Others might say that Google is not a reliable source and most of the answers we get are not the actual answers. There are many reasons on why people think Google is making us dumber, but are all those reasons actually true is the real
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