Argumentative Essay: Is Immigration A Problem?

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Victor Gorgua
Ms. Leeson
English III 5A
April 26, 2017
Is Immigration a Problem? The subject of immigration has always been a part of history, but only recently become one of the world’s main concerns. Studies show that the biggest causes of immigration can be split up into four different categories: economic, social, political, and environmental. Most immigrants are driven out of their homes because of violence caused by terrorist groups or powerful gangs that can even have a grasp on political power. Which is why it’s important to remember that immigrants don’t risk their lives just to cause problems in other countries, there had to be a reason to risk it all to start a new in a different place. There are people in the United States who have a nativist style opinion towards undocumented people, they believe that immigrants are here to “take jobs from hardworking Americans”. Of course like another situation there is another group of
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and that's thanks to immigration. One of the routes in which settlers have decidedly profited the United States is through the way the United Sates is seen by different nations. Settlers give the United States an approach to interface with different countries since so a number of the general population living in the United States were once individuals from various countries. It likewise gives the United States a solid workforce, supporting the nation's financial prosperity. Economic flourishing is another route in which settlers have emphatically profited the United States. Financial flourishing is one of the courses in which countries are judged in the matter of regardless of whether they are effective. Foreigners not just take employments that Americans won't not need, for example, low-altitude occupations in the local administration or development ventures, yet they additionally raise the interest for American
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