Argumentative Essay: Is The Vietnam War Justified?

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The Vietnam War was considered America’s longest war lasting approximately 15 years. The war began in 1954 as a result in an arising conflict between North Vietnam and South Vietnam. The North were communists fighting to take back their country from under the rule of the South. The United States troops entered into the war in 1961 to support the South. The battle was a long, drawn out, costly war which merely left America with less population and the reason was not well justified nor in the best interest of the American people. America’s war propriety was a product of the second Red Scare which could be referred to as the fear of the spread of communism. In a communists country, class is eliminated and replaced with communal ownership. However, as we have seen communism doesn’t work out the way one, such as a communist themselves would like to perceive it, which would be equality of the common people. The leaders of the country would always be more…show more content…
Therefore, in 1969 a draft was created. Each man eligible to fight in the war was drafted by their date of birth. (Ganzel, 2017) According to Bill Ganzel’s article The Vietnam War, studies have revealed that the draft helped "democratize" the war bringing an even number of recruits from all classes. While the war pulled many laborers from the farms, in the 1960’s the farmers came to rely on new technology such as farm mechanisms. Having to buy more land to make better profit and more mechanized equipment that focused on particular crops. (Ganzel, 2017) This could be considered good and bad. With having new upgraded equipment, farmers are able to produce more work at a faster pace with less manual labor, however, the cost to benefit is also a question whether they are producing and selling enough to pay for the extra equipment and
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