Argumentative Essay: Is Torture Ever Justified?

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In today’s society there are fewer things more hotly debated that terrorists and our treatment of them. Should we torture apprehended terror suspects in the hopes that they may have important information, or should we protect the rights of terrorists leaving our citizens vulnerable and unprotected? The answer is not simple, if we allow ourselves to become that which opposes us we will be no better than our enemies. As difficult a decision as it may be, refusing to torture our enemies unless absolutely necessary keeps our conscious clean and helps us end the ongoing cycle of violence between ourselves and our enemies. The only circumstances in which torture should be used, is in a situation where we have definitive proof that an attack is going to occur, or an operation is time sensitive. When the United States government captured Osama Bin Laden in 2011, they used torture due to it being time sensitive, extremely dangerous, and delicate (especially after the 9-11 terrorist attack in NY in 2001). In instances such as this where the…show more content…
Countries around the world have contributed to the senseless violence that continues to destroy lives. The podcast Serial, by Sarah Koenig explored the capture, imprisonment, and eventual release of former prisoner of war Bowe Bergdahl.The podcast contained multiple testimonials from Bowe himself detailing his time in captivity. During these interviews Bowe claims that his status as an American soldier impacted the quality of his treatment. According to Bergdahl, some of his captors had a personal vendetta against him due to their experience in the Guantánamo Bay Prison. By continuing to allow torture we only worsen our reputation in the eyes of our enemies, contributing to rising tensions and increased violence. In order to break the cycle we must rise above our enemies and allow ourselves to explore other
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