Argumentative Essay: Is Torture Right Or Wrong?

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Is Torture Right or Wrong? "All other methods have failed the person you are holding has information of a pending attack on America! You can prevent it only by getting the information your prisoner refuses to reveal torture (advanced interrogation technique) might force him to talk, thereby saving countless lives or offering a suspect something, he wants – whether a cigarette in the beginning or a reduced sentence later – builds rapport. Once the interrogator establishes a bond with the suspect, things become easier. The argument here, is torture right or wrong? This is the dilemma you face” day in and day out when it comes to torturing someone. Who is more important the lawless or the innocent? In today’s society, many people feel that torture is necessary. Over the last decade, torture was necessary however; there still seems to be a divide between it and those who oppose torture in any form under any circumstance because it is inhumane and the information gathered is unreliable.
There are some credible reasons why torture is necessary! Most Americans, firmly support the
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More recently, in 2009, a poll asked ‘‘Do you favor or oppose allowing the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) in extreme circumstances, to use enhanced interrogation techniques, even torture to obtain information from prisoners that might protect the United States from terrorist attacks?’’. Forty-three percent agree that torture can be justified, while forty-eight percent opposed the use of torture, regardless of the circumstances (Ramos 236). This is important to note because it shows that public opinion has changed radically in three years and people are starting to come to the idea that torture is both necessary and
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